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Verset Zero – Sacrificium – AMOK009 – CASSETTE


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  1. Verzet_Zero_1_A1-Verset Zero- Vir Sanctus 1:00
  2. Verzet_Zero_1_A2-Verset Zero- Inmundus 1:00
  3. Verzet_Zero_1_A3-Verset Zero- Purgare 1:00
  4. Verzet_Zero_1_B1-Verset Zero- Sacrificium 1:00
  5. Verzet_Zero_1_B2-Verset Zero- Cadaver 1:00
  6. Verzet_Zero_1_B3-Verset Zero- Poenitentiam 1:00

Toulouse-based Dj Verset Zero released his new EP Sacrificium through AMOK Tapes. The envisioned art-concept continues unfolding a religious storyline with a statement ingrained in a sombre and sinister industrial sound. He will be performing a hybrid live set at the Dada Temple 2017 in Paris on the 10th of February. Further tour dates should be announced shortly.


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