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Various Artists – VSK Series – Equilibrio Volume 1 – VSK0001 – 12″



  1. A1. VSK & MIchal Jablonski - X&Y (Original MIx) [VSKSeries001] Snippet 1:30
  2. A2. Kwartz - Malaria [VSKSeries001] Snippet 1:30
  3. B1. Ansome - Operational Amplifier [VSKSeries001] Snippet 1:30
  4. B2. Flaminia - Shori (Original Mix) [VSKSeries001] Snippet 1:30

Available 14.10.2019

VSK is honoured to start the journey of his new imprint with a selection of great artists. “Equilibrio volume 1” is a presentation of the different visions of techno the label wants to focus on. Modernity, deepness and hypnotism, sound design and complex textures will be the key elements of the label.

The first track is a collaboration between VSK himself and the Polish producer Michal Jablonski. X&Y is a combination of Epic drones, glitchy fx and a metallic fm synth line. Speed and fast modulation are the main ingredients for the development of an obsessive groove.

Malaria by the Spanish artist Kwartz, is an hypnotic dance between extreme ranges of frequency ; white noise and rising screams are wonderfully mixed together with an aggressive broken-subbeat.
The surgical touch of Ansome brings with “Operational Amplifier” a really complex sound design and fierce rhythmic programming, while a distorted roar

beats hauntingly the time.
The last cut, Shori by the italian artist Flaminia, is an obscure and elegant march. Cinematic and ethereal strings come together with an aggressive raw beat , providing an excellent techno experience.


a1. VSK & Michal Jablonski – X&Y

a2. Kwartz – Malaria

b1. Ansome – Operational Amplifier

b2. Flaminia – Shori


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