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Tetsumasa – “ASA EP” – 12″ – SAIDAN001


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Tetsumasa’s debut EP “ASA” on his own SAIDAN label. Solid sounds between savage broken rhythms somehow feels urban, flat and texturally dry. Various sound components such as Dub, Noise, Bass Music and Ambient are mixed within and thus creating unique sound world. It is expectable from his irregular beats that one of his music roots is Abstract Hip Hop. “ASA EP” has a remix from Mogano, the owner of Berlin label Arboretum. Tetsumasa doesn’t need a concept. This is his own sound pieces you can experience a variety of sensations.

  1. Nafco Tetsumasa 1:00
  2. Brain Tetsumasa 1:00
  3. Grim Tetsumasa 1:00
  4. Brain (Mogano Remix) Tetsumasa 1:00


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