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Schacke – To The Outer Limits And Back – IOD038 – 12″



  1. Creep Workout Schacke 1:30
  2. Erotic Autoplay Schacke 1:30
  3. Paraphilic Love Map Schacke 1:30
  4. To The Outer Limits And Back Schacke 1:30

Available 25th March

Schacke transmits a 4 track EP of erotically charged techno, pulsing with soundscapes & textures that evoke at once both the interior of the body and the inner workings of the universe’s hive-mind, vocal samples haze into orgy, sweeping walls of noise are punctuated by trance-influenced melodies, buoyed by a rhythm track that is as playful as it is relentless.

Schacke has been a pivotal figure for the current Copenhagen techno scene, having run the Moral Defeat label from the underground hub that is Mayhem, his roots in punk and noise music define an energy and intrigue to his production that is singular. 2018 saw his first sets at Berghain, Electronic Beats including his track ‘Automated Lover’ in it’s ’20 Tracks That Defined The Berlin Club Scene In 2018’and an ongoing residence at St. Petersburg’s ‘Kisloty’ club.


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