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Regis / Luke Lund – OHM7105 – 7″ inch



  1. OHM7105A-Regis-King Pin Frankie 1:30
  2. OHM7105B-Luke Lund-Scourge 1:30

Regis is the founder of one of techno’s most influential and uncompromising labels, Downwards Records. His inimitable hard techno sound, and collaborations with Surgeon as British Murder Boys, have cemented his legacy as the definition of the Birmingham techno.

Luke Lund is one of the Finland’s fastest rising young composers, with the ability to move seamlessly between the marshes of dark hop to the silkiness of deep techno. His own Terranean Recordings label has been fearlessly documenting the Finnish underground and beyond since 2010.

King Pin Frankie is treasure untold – a live Regis recording from New Year’s Eve 1997 in Chicago. Pounding classic minimal TR 909 with an accelerating/decelerating arppegiator make this A side a serious find, with distorted synth moving platforms occurring as the track winds out. TIP!
Luke’s Scourge is an electronic composition masterpiece – pinning a straight kick underneath a shifting snare, leaving the question open – is it techno? Is it dark hop? Whatever it may be, the bass underneath tells it big and fills up a subwoofer.

Limited Edition Print by nem0



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