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Monica Hits The Ground – “The Backwoods Preacher” – Mini Lp – VV004


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  1. vv004-the-backwoods-preacher-1 1:00
  2. vv004-the-backwoods-preacher-2 1:00
  3. vv004-the-backwoods-preacher-3 1:00
  4. vv004-the-backwoods-preacher-4 1:00
  5. vv004-the-backwoods-preacher-5 1:00

Monica Hits The Ground presents an 80’s industrial tape inspired release. Subliminal messages and an unique sense of suffering are highlighted by his own vocals. Wicked bedroom recordings, watching a decaying world through a little window.

The Backwoods Preacher 1
The Backwoods Preacher 2
The Backwoods Preacher 3
The Backwoods Preacher 4
The Backwoods Preacher 5


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