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Embryo Series 02 – Tullia Benedicta – Prometeo – BCAE02 – CASSETTE



01 – Tullia Benedicta – Axes Of Faith
02 – Tullia Benedicta – Solve et Coagula
03 – Tullia Benedicta – To the Styx
04 – Tullia Benedicta – Terra
05 – Tullia Benedicta – Infero
06 – Tullia Benedicta – Cielo
07 – Tullia Benedicta – Trasmutation
08 – Tullia Benedicta – Alkemia

After the first two singles by Tullia Benedicta (Axes Of Faith-Infero), published this summer 2018, here’s the musician’s official release for Black Chrysalis Archives: Prometeo.
The album is available as a tape and digital format for our Embryo Series, consecrates the beginning of a new cycle of releases. Tracks “Axes Of Faith” and “Infero”, with they esoteric veins, on a line between sacred and profane, have already given a taste of what the release is: a 8-track work, whose leitmotif appears to be the search of light through a slow and relentless descent into the dark.


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