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Dark Division – Parallel Structures – HT002 – 12″



  1. a1 Anomalon (Brahman Implicate Order)_1 1:00
  2. a2 Anomalon (Maya Illusion Explicate Order - rmx)_1 1:00
  3. b1 Archetype of Convulsionnaire_1 1:00
  4. b2 Apocalyptic Potential_1 1:00

RELEASE Date: 23.01.2018

Warped sounds and barely ethnic polyrhythms with few layered elements and careful use of effects such reverbs and delays that drive listeners and dancers alike through subtle sonic movements. with their stripped-back techno experiment gave a constant buzz in the underbelly in their version of the track “Anomalon” thereby giving a valuable boost to the whole release, a streamlined vision of hard hitting contemporary techno.


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