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Damaskin – “Ancient communications” – NTK003


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  1. A1 Propaganda (preview) Damaskin 1:01
  2. A2 Ancient Communications (preview) Damaskin 1:01
  3. B1 Entrance (preview) Damaskin 1:01
  4. B2 Catacomb Damaskin 1:01

“Anti-social behaviour is a trait of intelligence in a world of conformists” – N. Tesla

Under a permanent commitment of self-challenge and a continuous attitude of nonconformity against the banal, Damaskin presents two of his multiple faces under a single pack. Bucolic and grotesque tendencies meet aggressiveness in order to melt in a disparity conversation within the unconventional. Framed as a story, “Propaganda” and “Entrance” define the protocol of a progressive formalism only interrupted by the massiveness of the overwhelmed “Ancient Communications” and “Catacomb”.

Mastering & cut by Alain Paul at Calyx Mastering
Artwork by Zosima



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