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Catriel – ZZZZ XXXX – CASSETTE+Amulet – CAT001



  1. A1 Catriel - g2d4 1:30
  2. A2 Catriel - unconscious behaviour 1:30
  3. A3 Catriel - the battlefield turned into a paradise 1:30
  4. A4 Catriel - also what you omit builds the future 1:30
  5. B1 Catriel - accomplice & victim 1:30
  6. B2 Ydob ru 1:30
  7. B3 Catriel - subversive methods 1:30
  8. B4 Catriel - damned room 1:30

A compilation of tracks recorded on to tape by Catriel under the feelings of asphixia & self realization in experimental living situations.
The sound is raw, cold & warm and the atmosphere is combative between a real / sci-fi environment, with an agressive but melancholic personal touch you should listen to!

all tracks recorded & produced by Catriel,
photos by Catriel @ San francisco, California
Graphic Design by Mariano Tonelli
Hand Modelling By Victoria Papagn


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