break_fold – 07_07_15 – 13_04_16 – RFN006 – CASSETTE



New Reject and Fade Release: 07_07_15 ␣ 13_04_16 by break_fold
Welcome to the latest Reject and Fade release, which has been produced by break_fold, aka Tim Hann, who has previously provided mastering duties for the majority of RnF releases.
Please use the link below to access a preview of the album:

07_07_15 ␣ 13_04_16 is a record of memories and time stamped bursts of creativity activity, captured and crystallised in glacial beats, foggy textures and electrified rhythms. It is a
bittersweet excursion, reflecting the hours spent evoking and channelling, and ultimately left spent on the hard drive.
1. 24_08_15 2. 07_07_15 3. 11_09_15 4. 05_01_16 5. 21_02_16 6. 13_04_16
07_07-15 ␣ 13_04_16 will be released at the end of February on limited edition cassette.
The tracks were mastered by Tom Woodhead (Hippocratic Mastering).

Weight 300 g


BREAKS, DRONES, Electro, IDM, Industrial



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