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Ancient Methods – The Jericho Records – ANCIENTMETHODS 00 – 3xLP


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  1. A1_Walls Ancient Methods 1:30
  2. A2_Twelve Stones To Divide Jordan's Sand Ancient Methods 1:30
  3. A3_The City Awakes Ancient Methods 1:30
  4. B1_Treason Creeps In Ancient Methods 1:30
  5. B2_The House Of Rahab Ancient Methods 1:30
  6. C1_Array The Troops (feat. Regis) Ancient Methods 1:30
  7. C2_The Seven Shofars (feat. Orphx) Ancient Methods 1:30
  8. D1_Crack And Collapse In The Storm Of Lights Ancient Methods 1:30
  9. D2_Swordplay Ancient Methods 1:30
  10. E1_Omen's Duty Ancient Methods 1:30
  11. E2_I Am Your New King (feat. King Dude) Ancient Methods 1:30
  12. F1_Moonset (feat. Cindytalk) Ancient Methods 1:20
  13. F2_Walking On Cursed Soil (feat. Prurient) Ancient Methods 1:30
  14. F3_In Silence Ancient Methods 1:55

Long triple player from Ancient Methods, Featuring Regis and Orphx on remix duty.

01. Walls
02. Twelve Stones To Divide Jordan’s Sand
03. The City Awakes
04. Treason Creeps In
05. The House Of Rahab
06. Array The Troops feat. Regis
07. The Seven Shofars feat. Orphx
08. Crack And Collapse In The Storm Of Lights
09. Swordplay
10. Omen’s Duty
11. I Am Your New King feat. King Dude
12. Moonset feat. Cindytalk
13. Walking On Cursed Soil feat. Prurient
14. In Silence


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