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Æmɨt – Devourer – F//012 – 12″


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  1. A1 - Aemit - Devourer 1:05
  2. A2 - Aemit - Error 1:01
  3. B1 - Aemit - Hunter 0:56
  4. B2 - Aemit - Kalabalik 1:04

Available: 06.05.2019

Devourer of the dead, eater of hearts and great of death”

Fleisch welcomes Swedish electronic super-group Æmɨt, consisting of members from Alvar, D.M.T. & Nuclear Sludge, with their debut EP ‘Devourer’. Elements from each group weave their way into the tracks via primitive industrial arpeggiations, dystopian EBM vocal samples and 303-squelch bass lines, all forming around solid, rhythmic compositions. ‘Devourer’ delivers 4 tracks of primitive, minimal-synth, 16-bit ritual.

Æmɨt takes its name from the demoness/goddess of ancient Egyptian theology that would devour the hearts of the impure in the afterlife, and ‘Devourer’ is as much an incantation as it is a call to the body. The opening track, taking its title from the EP, lays out a death-chant beneath synth constellations and an underworld horn section. ‘Error’ pits grinding pads against jagged percussive rhythms and ‘Hunter’ swirls beneath layers of filtered white-noise, while ‘Kalabalik’ pushes the tempo toward levels of proto-funeral-techno.

The goddess Æmɨt was not worshipped; instead, she embodied all that the Egyptians feared, threatening to bind them to eternal restlessness if they were deemed unworthy. ‘Devourer’ summons the listener to their judgement, and which path they take is up to them.

A1 – Devourer
A2 – Error
B1 – Hunter
B2 – Kalabalik

All tracks written and produced by Æmɨt
Mastered by Alain Paul



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