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Various Artists – “DUR001” – DUR001


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  1. Dur001_-_A1_-_Emrauh_-_Vademecum___Master_16bit 1:00
  2. Dur001_-_A2_-_Talski_-_Eckbert___Master_16bit 1:00
  3. Dur001_-_B1_-_Irisfog_-_Projection___Master_16bit 1:00
  4. Dur001_-_B2_-_Konrad_Wehrmeister_-_Search___Master_16bit 1:00

The DUR001 presents the combination of wide atmospheres with hypnotic rhythms, such as techno and dub, illustrating a journey through mysterious and ambivalent areas.
‘Vade mecum’ [by EMRAUH] is an airy walk to the top of the mountains, always keeping the mechanical dubby groove, which makes that track in a way emotionally divergent.
Painting the picture of a tame guy surfing in cloudy deserts, ‘Eckbert’ [by TALSKI] circulates the story from the mountaintops to liquid structures.
‘Projectioin’ [by DETLEF DIAMANT & LUKAS RABE] is a more progressive track, which seems to be made just with brightening sounds and colorful chords out of the light.
Rounded with the straight forward going track ‘Search’ [by KONRAD WEHRMEISTER], which literally is searching for virginal distraction without loosing the groove. At the end located in deepness.


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