Requiem ‎– EP1 – SORES024 – CASSETTE


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  1. a1_Finish Him_M 2:16
  2. a2_Discharge_M 2:32
  3. b1_Full Moon_M 2:32
  4. b2_Exhale_M 1:53

Russian producer Requiem debuts on Sound+Matter with a four-track EP of raw and demonic electronic cuts. Hard-hitting from start to end, all tracks have been born and raised in a blood bath of influences ranging from witch house to blackened vaporwave and nasty trap. Requiem grabs you by the throat with his menacing wall of synths, thick atmospheric textures, slashing hi-hats and teeth grinding drums. Itʼs not until the closing track Exhale that you are actually allowed to breathe.

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