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Zosima – Apropos Of The Wet Snow – ET049 – MLP



  1. Zosima-A1 0:51
  2. Zosima-A2 0:49
  3. Zosima-A3 1:02
  4. Zosima-B1 1:00
  5. Zosima-B2 1:01
  6. Zosima-B3 1:00

Winter Notes… Summer Impressions…

Zosima already delivered some great releases in the field of techno, post-techno and industrial music… this for example on his own Noiztank label. For Enfant Terrible he crafted a dark industrial soundscape record… post-techno for connoisseurs… recommended to fans of Oake, Kerridge, Shaped Noise and Mondkopf…

Original photography: Milena Z. Petrovic


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