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  1. TEN005LP A1 Yuji Kondo _ Faces Past LP _ Vanishing Curvatures _ WATTAmasterDIGITALv2 1:00
  2. TEN005LP A2 Yuji Kondo _ Faces Past LP _ Juniper Fox _ WATTAmasterDIGITALv2 1:00
  3. TEN005LP A3 Yuji Kondo _ Faces Past LP _ Linger _ WATTAmasterDIGITALv2 1:00
  4. TEN005LP A4 Yuji Kondo _ Faces Past LP _ Feigning Death _ WATTAmasterDIGITALv2 1:00
  5. TEN005LP B1 Yuji Kondo _ Faces Past LP _ Hacking Infinity _ WATTAmasterDIGITALv2 1:00
  6. TEN005LP B2 Yuji Kondo _ Faces Past LP _ Armour To Paper _ WATTAmasterDIGITALv2 1:00
  7. TEN005LP B3 Yuji Kondo _ Faces Past LP _ Human Chord _ WATTAmasterDIGITALv2 1:00
  8. TEN005LP B4 Yuji Kondo _ Faces Past LP _ Suicide Ocean _ WATTAmasterDIGITALv2 1:00

Yuji Kondo Announces His Debut Album – Faces Past LP.
‘Japanese Production Behemoth’ producer will release Faces Past LP in January 2017 through his own 10 Label imprint.

Yuji Kondo finally announced that he will be releasing an album entitled ‘Faces Past’ from his own record label the 10 Label imprint.

Yuji Kondo is a music producer, 1/2 of the Steven Porter and co-founder/director of the 10 Label imprint.
Kondo has various names in his music activity; Yuji Kondo, Ducerey Ada Nexino, Steven Porter (with Katsunori Sawa).
He has released “Radiate The Ocean From My Back EP” (Perc Trax, 2014), “Cycles, Children & Islands EP” (Genesa Records, 2014), “Superbad EP” (SNTS Records, 2016), “LR EP” (Weevil Neighbourhood, 2011), and also performed remixes for a large number of artists including Jimmy Edgar (Warp Records), Carlos Perón (PIAS), Sawf (Perc Trax), Svreca (Semantica Records), DJ Skirt (Horizontal Ground), Scalameriya (Genesa Records) and many more.

Besides, his record label the 10 Label has released some compilation vinyl series since 2010 with Matthew Herbert, Anne-James Chaton, Perc, Ancient Methods, Dalhous, Sawlin.

His new record ‘Faces Past LP’ is 8 tracks 45 minutes with a stunning artwork cover by Paris photographer David Ferrua, who actives for fashion magazines worldwide such like Vogue, Allure, and Common & Sense.

It’s out early 2017 from his own record label the 10 Label imprint, and will be available on vinyl LP and as digital downloads.

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Weight 300 g
Dimensions 30.50 x 30.50 x 0.4 cm

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