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Violet Poison/OTS 44 – Alien Gardens – AC009LTD – 12″



  1. A1-Violet Poison - Enemy 1:00
  2. A2-OTS 44 - Tool 1 1:00
  3. B1-Violet Poison - Unknown 1:00
  4. B2-OTS 44 - Tool 2 1:00

Available from the 18th of September…

Second Vinyl release from Aconito Records, after a long break.  Introducing to the label ‘Violet Poison’ with his particular EBM sound signature, Also known for his Veleno Viola record label and many other various projects. On this release, Violet Poison uses Acidic Arpeggios and Post punk Screams..

Alien gardens also includes 2 remixes by OTS 44 of Violet Poisons tracks.



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