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Violet Poison – “Absence Generator” – 12″ – VV001


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  1. vv001-a1-enlightener-of-nothingness 1:00
  2. vv001-a2-absence-generator 1:00
  3. vv001-b1-seeding-holes 1:00
  4. vv001-b2-hacres-hacres 1:00
  5. vv001-b3-repulsion 1:00

Veleno Viola is the continuation of Violet Poison Records after the end of Violetshaped project . Keeping the continuity with the concept started with VPN , Veleno Viola differentiates itself for a more DIY and post – punk and less dance approach , with the use of vocal elements, strongly influenced by the industrial 80s , the minimal- wave , EBM minimalist and cyberpunk of the early 90s in a fetish and S & M context.
“Absence Generator”, the first release, is characterized by an abnormal sound, hybrid, dirty and suffering.

Solid White marbled vinyl



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