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  1. OBJECT_HCSprop02 1:00
  2. DSX_TotalControl_HCS 1:00
  3. Privacy_Work_HCSprop03 1:00
  4. Sekunde_Andacht_HCS 1:00

Small amount of coloured vinyl repress….

“Fleischberg” is the 2nd vinyl iteration of Berlin’s body focused Fleisch collective, following hot on the heels of last year’s highly acclaimed release by Schwefelgelb. This 12” starts with a relentless six and a half minute assault by Australian native and Berlin based Halv Drøm, a fitting vinyl debut for the talented producer. DSX follows up with a finely tuned EBM track tactfully layered with obscure vocal samples and paired with piercing, frenetic drum programming.

The B side starts with a slightly different approach, recalling a more classic techno and electro tone without losing sight of the release’s progressive focus; Privacy’s catchy “Work” recalls late 80s Chicago masterpieces without becoming overly nostalgic. Sekunde rounds out the compilation fully with a plodding and minimal piece that would be best appreciated while being blasted driving 300 km/h down a moonlit back road somewhere in the Black Forest.

A1 Halv Drøm – Object
A2 DSX – Total Control
B1 Privacy – Work
B2 Sekunde – Andacht


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