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Various Artists – Vol 3. – MOFF006 – 12″



  1. MOFF006_Craft - Pursuit of Passage 1:30
  2. MOFF006_Mary Yuzovskaya_Basia 1:30
  3. MOFF006_Michal Wolski - Morph 1:30
  4. MOFF006_Soramimi - Diatoms 1:30

Available: 30.09.2019

Mary Yuzovskaya’s vinyl-only Monday Off imprint readies a four track release featuring atmospheric cuts from herself, Craft, Michał Wolski and Soramimi. Launched in 2017, this is the third instalment in Monday Off’s various artist releases and Yuzovskaya’s second appearance on her own label.

Debuting on Monday Off, Brooklyn’s Craft provides an otherworldly number entitled ‘Pursuit Of Passage’, which comprises sawing synths, rattling percussion and soaring pads. Following that, much like Yuzovskaya’s deep and trippy performances ‘Basia’ is ethereal from start to finish and comes complete with murky sub-bass and trailing echoes. On the flip, having appeared on two previous releases Polish producer Michał Wolski and NYC’s Soramimi return to the label. With its syncopated rhythm, metallic features and overall ominous aesthetic, Wolski’s ‘Morph’ is wonky business from the off. Tying it all together, Dusk Notes co-founder Soramimi demonstrates her sound design expertise with the mesmerizing ‘Diatoms’ – masterfully blending intricate layers of oscillating tones, reverberations and whirring effects.

Tracks written and produced by Daniele Ciocio, Maria Yuzovskaya, Michal Wolski and Soramimi. “Basia” additionally mixed by Kamran Sadeghi.

Exclusive Distribution Worldwide: Ready Made Distribution
Mastering: Giovanni Conti
Artwork: Liza Shutova


Monday Off is a vinyl only record label from Brooklyn, New York, founded by Mary Yuzovskaya. Its ethos is to showcase artists that explore techno’s hypnotic side; specifically where trippy and dark productions go deep yet dynamic.


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