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Various Artists – Uncertail Landscape Part IV – GRA007 – 12″



A1. Milton Bradley – Driving Force
A2. Kill Ref – Subbaculta
B1. Jamaica Suk – Escape
B2. Nicolas Bougaïeff – Nocturne 3

Available 23.11.2020

The concluding chapter of Jamaica Suk’s 17-track ‘Uncertain Landscape’ series arrives with a bang,
with another four explosive tracks to round it off.

Milton Bradley — aka Alien Rain — begins proceedings with a hammering assault in the form
of ‘Driving Force’. Detuned, ravey synths produce a cacophonous barrage of sound as the
rubbery kick groove intones more hardcore vibes. There’s a touch of John Carpenter vibes in the
spooky arpeggios that permeate the more stripped back sections. Bone-crushing groove abounds

Italy’s Kill Ref delivers a distorted thumper on ‘Subbaculta’, slowly eeking out a rasping groove from
the underbelly of his pummeling drums. The track keeps building throughout, the shuffling rhythm
bolstering some seriously raw machine funk in the latter half that emerges almost imperceptibly.

The ringmaster herself, Jamaica Suk, makes her contribution to the series on ‘Escape’. She conjures
up a tripped-out soundscape where layers stack in potent combination. Squelchy acid licks do battle
with the stomping bass groove and heavily-reverbered sustained textures. It sounds as if there are
monsters loose in the speakers.

Nicolas Bougaïeff closes this momentous four-part release with his second contribution, ‘Nocturne
3’. Rocking a stuttered kick pattern, it revolves around grunting swathes of industrial noise, on-beat
clap patterns and all manner of weird and wonderful sounds that pitch-bend, tweak and freak to
delightful levels of intensity. It’s a very well arranged and sequenced track that keeps you guessing. 


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