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Various Artists – Tensional Ground EP – RLSD003 – 12″



  1. Wanna Be Casper Hastings 1:30
  2. TRANSMISSION Rustal 1:30
  3. The Rift Stuey Lyons 1:30
  4. The_Rift_Echoplex_Soleil_Remix Stuey Lyons 1:30

RLSD 003 comes correct delivering a dynamic and functional dancefloor tool. Following in the tradition of what the label is all about ‘Tensional Ground VA’ again delivers with the full weight of the best of Irish Techno.

Tensional Ground VA presents long serving purveyors of the techno sound Stuey Lyons, Casper hastings and Rustal somewhat unsung heroes of the Irish scene, all having received great acclaim on the international circuit getting support from the top international techno brass.

Stuey Lyons leads the pack with and upfront functional FM tool. Stuey’s in depth cultural awareness of Techno cultivated this driving nightmaker that has been recognised as a festival anthem receiving great acclaim long before its release date.

Rustal delivers a broken set breaker that morphs and progresses to aid any DJ in the depths of a long haul set. This track has more than delivered and offers new insight with every listen.

Caspers upfront in your face track is an instant classic that will rarely leave the bag. Hastings Showcases his production skills and true sound with a rough and ready analog production that was and easy choice for the labels final cut.

Stuey Lyons original ‘The Rift’ gets the remix treatment from Echoplex providing a Soliel Remix throwing a dancefloor curveball complimenting the upfront functionality of the other tracks. Echoplex being a favourite of the label owners who have taken great inspiration from his contribution to the scene. Working alongside Echoplex holds great significance for the label as his contribution reinforces the identity and culture the label portrays in all it does.



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