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Various Artists – Rite Of Initiation VA – FT001 – 12″



FT001 – A1 – NN – The Blood Of A White Monark
FT001 – A2 – MIND | MATTER -Thelema
FT001 – B1 – Antechamber – The Ephemeral Hallucinations
FT001 – B2 Tmare – Unconscious Traction

Available in January 2021

The label’s first release seeks to offer an initiatory experience to Forbidden Teaching’s mission, namely to express the inexpressible.

The A side of the record is body oriented and is introduced with NN’s “The Blood Of A White Monark”, a track characterised by its forceful rhythm, cinematic breakdown and strong synths. Mind I Matter dives deeper in the EBM spectrum with “Thelema”, a track featuring a bassline that goes straight to the body and supported by an expertly crafted atmosphere, reminiscent of the notorious esoteric doctrine.

The B side of the record is soul oriented and begins with Antechamber’s “The Ephemeral Hallucinations”, an atmospheric track that elevates the listener to a place where earthly senses become blurry. Nigh/T\mare concludes the compilation with his track “Unconscious Traction”. It features a robust and hypnotic rhythm coupled with an intense atmosphere that leads the listener to a state where deeply buried emotions and desires could resurface.


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