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Various Artists – Liber Null Berlin – Seven Years Of Delirium – LNVA001



LN_7YEARS_ 01_Teatro Satanico_Forces_Ov_dark
LN_7YEARS_ 02_Alessandro Adriani_Bodyshocks
LN_7YEARS_ 03_Mar Ask_Palmyra
LN_7YEARS_ 04_Phase Fatale_Luxury Seducer
LN_7YEARS_ 05 _Violet Poison_Lift Of Pain
LN_7YEARS_ 06_Alekzandra_Reverse
LN_7YEARS_ 07_OTHR_All_Crumble
LN_7YEARS_ 08_Celldöd_Springer
LN_7YEARS_ 09_Aktion Mutante_The_asp
LN_7YEARS_ 10_Canibal&Nun_Fake
LN_7YEARS_ 11_13th Moon_Roses_Are_dead
LN_7YEARS_ 12_Monica Hits The Ground_Animal_Int
LN_7YEARS_ 13_Repitch_Your_Lies
LN_7YEARS_ 14_LN_Mace._Privatized_Keynesianism
LN_7YEARS_ 15_LN_Maenad_Veyl_To_Intervene
LN_7YEARS_ 16_LN_Zanias_Komodo
LN_7YEARS_ 17_LN_Artik_Bring_Them_Down
LN_7YEARS_ 18_LN_Honzo_Back_From_Hell
LN_7YEARS_ 19_LN_VSK_Status_Quo
LN_7YEARS_ 20_LN_Geistform_Masa_Critica
LN_7YEARS_ 21_LN_Mogano_Tower
LN_7YEARS_ 22_LN_Makaton_Bitching
LN_7YEARS_ 23_LN_ANFS_Plokamia
LN_7YEARS_ 24_LN_Tomohiko_Sagae_Carion_Crow
LN_7YEARS_ 25_LN_Operant_Before_Skin
LN_7YEARS_ 26_LN_Ontal_Menticide
LN_7YEARS_ 27_LN_Kaoganai_Storm
LN_7YEARS_ 28_LN_Ani-I+Unhuman_Corporal_Punishment
LN_7YEARS_ 29_LN_O_H_Hole
LN_7YEARS_ 31_LN_Blush_Response_Neuromod
LN_7YEARS_ 32_LN_3.14_Inverted_Zero
LN_7YEARS_ 33_LN_Sirio_Gry_J_Valkiries_In_Pain
LN_7YEARS_ 34_LN_SSSS_Fault&Failure
LN_7YEARS_ 35_LN_Rell_Hood_Rat’s
LN_7YEARS_ 36_LN_Blakk_Harbor_Violent_Pleasures
LN_7YEARS_ 37_LN_Impure_Secretion_Fall_Of_Illusions-1
LN_7YEARS_ 38_LN_Common_Poetry_Rubber_Thaumaturgy
LN_7YEARS_ 39_LN_Grim_トラック
LN_7YEARS_ 40_LN_Claudio_Prc_Śūnya

Available 30.11.2020

Liber Null is celebrating seven years of existence, creativity, and delirium!

Loyal to the concept of ‘Magick’ rituals and with a deeply ideological approach towards darkness and the chaos in performance arts, the interdisciplinary collective prepares a very limited release of USB metallic vessels in a special box, including an anniversary booklet with photography by Natalia Evelyn Bencicova.

In order to address the Liber Null experience, we selected 40 artists who performed at our events over the years.

We value each and every collaboration and are thankful to have collaborated with an endless amount of sorceries from all eras and corners of the globe. The hope to inspire even more creatures to dig for the occult is reassured by this meaningful journey crafted by those who we consider as masters of Magick.

Enter Delirum Enter Liber Null


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