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  1. 01_alexey-volkov-i-lied-podenzano 1:00
  2. 02_forgttn-urban-decay 1:00
  3. 03_dno-mora-logos 1:00
  4. 04_sarin-dimension 1:00
  5. 05_nick-larkin-virgil-compose 1:00
  6. 06_relic-radiation-glimpse-of-consciousness 1:00
  7. 07_zex-model-sly-trap 1:00
  8. 08_myrrman-the-bricks-combination-8 1:00
  9. 09_unhuman-cronus 1:00
  10. 10_violet-poison-bertelli 1:00
  11. 11_sal-solaris-the-lost-mariner 1:00

Release info
V/A ‘Konfabulation’ / NEN Records 2015 [NEN102]
‘Konfabulation’ was conceived in Summer 2016. We offered to contributors to meditate on a broad theme of memory and its aberrations. But soon the theme got bitter refinement. This compilation is dedicated to the memory of our friend Paul von Aphid (Zex Model). He is gone in September.
Just few months before Paul gladly responded to the invitation to make a track for ‘Konfabulation’. He was united with many of contributors not only by musical interests, but also by friendly relations. This is not surprising: Paul was a tireless music fan, an advanced researcher of dark subcultures, a man of amazing knowledge and uneasy feelings.
Paul was not only fine connoisseur of other’s music but he also made his own, truly striking and multi-faceted. His productivity seems incredible. Projects his was involved into outnumber tens, however in recent years Paul has focused his efforts on Zex Model. The track of this particular project Paul was preparing for NEN Records compilation.
How this track was supposed to sound, we will hardly find out. However, music is born to be heard. At the will of the family of the deceased and thanks to their help, we have included unreleased material by Zex Model in ‘Konfabulation’.
Confabulation is a hallucinatory memories, the memory of things that never happened. In the individual case, it may indicate to a mental disorder, but the collective memory always has a touch of fiction. In a crucible of shared memories a fact becomes a sensation, and a man becomes history. ‘Konfabulation’ is a fiery fabric we weave together, playing and crying, from lead techno beats and heart-breaking industrial noise to explain the past and give meaning to the present.


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