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V/A – Soundscape VERSIONS 1 – SVER 01 – 12″



  1. Oiziruam Octaedre 2:00
  2. Track 2 Space Afrika 2:00
  3. T'd Up Rudolf C 2:00
  4. Untitled VII Faune 2:00

Berlin-based Soundscape Versions is a new label seemingly dedicated to the atmospheric textures and hypnotic, sub-heavy pulse of dub techno. This debut 12″ gathers together tracks from four different artists. There’s some rolling, shuffling, surprisingly percussive goodness from Octaedre, before Space Afrika explores deeper territory via moody chords, spooky electronics and low-slung rhythms. This wilder, weirder feel is continued on Rudolf C’s “T’d Up”, which delivers a thrillingly odd blend of delay-laden synth stabs, dubbed-out electronics and bumpin’, deep house influenced beats. Faune’s “Untitled VII”, an impressive exercise in drum machine abuse and intoxicating electronics, completes a quietly impressive EP.


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