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Unhuman+Petra Flurr – Cause Of Chaos – SK013 – LP



Unhuman+Petra Flurr – Cause Of Chaos – 01 Nucleus
Unhuman+Petra Flurr – Cause Of Chaos – 02 Suriv
Unhuman+Petra Flurr – Cause Of Chaos – 03 Distraction = Destruction
Unhuman+Petra Flurr – Cause Of Chaos – 04 I Saw I See
Unhuman+Petra Flurr – Cause Of Chaos – 05 Heile Welt
Unhuman+Petra Flurr – Cause Of Chaos – 06 Ewigkeit
Unhuman+Petra Flurr – Cause Of Chaos – 07 Angst
Unhuman+Petra Flurr – Cause Of Chaos – 08 TV006

Composed, recorded and mixed by Unhuman.
Vocals and lyrics by Petra Flurr.
Mastering by Alain Paul, Berlin
Design By Michelangelo Greco
Photo by Cristina Cipriani
She Lost Kontrol Records 2020

She Lost Kontrol is thrilled to announce the debut full length album by the collaboration between the Berlin based producer Unhuman and the performer – activist Petra Flurr .
The two artists return to the label after their single releases in the two volumes of Surviving in Europe and for Unhuman, after his mighty Aktion Mutante ep in collaboration with Violet Poison back in 2018.

Marking our 14th instalment on the label, ‘’Cause Of Chaos ‘’ comprises eight tracks filled of energy and steeped in to gothic nostalgia and electronic body music. The well-known artists create a mix of post-punk and synthesizer electronics shaped by their uncompromised textures, that glides through genres with ease and combines modern style with retro goodness. An abstract style of contamination seldom seen within the modern music spectrum.

The Deutsch Italo- Griechisch duo offers us an immersive, futuristic and solid sound, inspired by the music which the two artists grew up with, following a natural evolution to their roots in post-punk, electronic and guitar music. Absolutely an album that will find its space on the shelves of passionate collectors of DAF, Liaisons Dangereuses, Virgin Prunes and beyond.

Edition of 350 copies, distributed via ReadyMade Distribution from September 2020. Limited run of 100 green vinyls available exclusively from our Bandcamp page. 


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