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Unhuman & Surit – Impact Bashing – BSR013 – 12″


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  1. AP_m2 Unhuman Surit Track 1 1:30
  2. AP_m2 Unhuman Surit Track 2 1:30
  3. AP_m2 Unhuman Surit Track 3 1:30
  4. AP_m2 Unhuman Surit Track 4 1:30

Release date: Monday 5 November 2018

Black Sun Records returns with a monster collaboration from Unhuman & Surit. Unhuman is best known for his contributions on labels such as Instruments Of Discipline, Liber Null & Veleno Viola among many others, his sound running the gamut between noise, power-electronics, EBM & techno; Surit is better known as one half of NX1, recently releasing some solo remixes on his own Nexe Records label and on some others. Together they deliver a powerful 4 track EP, opening with “Moral Poverty”, a perfect driving track with fat bass, metal percussion and layered pads that trap you from the very beginning; next is “Surrender”, a twisted break-cut full of character, complex yet effective, a mind-warping, beautiful journey. Turning to the B-side, the track that gives name to the EP “Impact Bashing”, delivers pure, raw, industrial- techno, oppressive, incisive & brutal. “Precipitated Paranoia”, closes the record, a higher bpm techno cut, defined by the power of the drums and held in tension by jittering, nervous synths.


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