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  1. A1 Procaine #1 1:00
  2. A2 Procaine #2 0:59
  3. B1 Tetracaine 1:00
  4. B2 Lidocaine 1:00

AVAILABLE from the 11th September.

There’s no compromise, with ‘Anesthesia’ the third release on NURSE and latest from Japanese maestro Tomohiko Sagae where he aims to numb your pain, bringing together his own mutant brand of techno and the harsh noise so many of his fellow countrymen are revered for. ‘Procaine #1‘ is pure noise with screams of metal grinding against metal and the relentless chaos of a 21st century working dockyard. ‘Procaine #2‘ where an explosive barrage of abrasive textures is underpinned by a brutal rhythmic intensity. ‘Tetracaine’ almost blows itself to pieces with rumbling bass, scoured heavy mechanics and industrial drones. Finally ‘Lidocaine’ distorted and break beaten, is a monster born out of heavy duty avionics. Disorientating, fierce; an assault on your senses.

Press text: Richard Fowler (b.yond)
The EP is mastered at The Ziggurat, featuring artwork by Zohra Khan.


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