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The Untitled – Call Of The Void – GOOILAND032 – 12″



  1. The-Untitled-A1 1:03
  2. The-Untitled-A2 1:04
  3. The-Untitled-B1 1:01
  4. The-Untitled-B2 1:02

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Entering the void…

The Untitled was already present on the “Unruhe” compilation… This one man project is located in the north of Holland far away from trends and hypes… and so is his music… The ingredients are evident: a pounding bassdrum, screaming synths, ear-splitting acid lines and distorted hi-hats. The result: disturbing and intense techno and acid… music that you can also call post-hardcore, tekno or acid core… and for sure sounds that could also interest fans of industrial music… or anybody interested in extreme sounds…


A1 Into The Void
A2 Gurgling Drain

B1 Abandoned Places
B2 Inhospitable Terrain


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