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The Evader – Awakening The Past – 2 – 126D-10 – 12″



  1. A1. No Hats Required Track 1 126D-10 1:13
  2. A2. No Hats Required Track 6 126D-10 1:13
  3. A3. No Hats Required Track 2 126D-10 1:13
  4. A4. No Hats Required Track 3 126D-10 1:13
  5. B1. Power Of Balance 126D-10 1:13
  6. B2. Shifting Illusion 126D-10 1:13

Steve Bicknell returns to his 6dimensions label, adopting his The Evader guise once again with a re- issue release titled ‘Awakening The Past 2’. Returning as The Evader for the second instalment of ‘Awakening The Past’, this will be Steve’s fourth appearance on 6dimensions and features four tracks from 1994’s ‘No Hats Required’ EP, which dropped on influential UK label, Cosmic Records – the tracks were originally made by Steve to be played together as a segment in various combinations. This release follows outings from 6dimensions artists Jing, Metro Skim and Heartless – continuing the label’s theme of illustrating the ‘human mind’s natural make-up’. ‘No Hats Required – Track 1’ displays a locked 4×4 groove, filled with tidy modulations bouncing gracefully off the kicks before ‘Track 6’ offers a fast-pitched looping beat with floating percussive jitters. ‘Track 2’ then features twisted stab sequences over a minimal drum loop before a rolling 808 beat joins oscillating bass flutters in ‘Track 3’. On the flip two new productions ‘Power Of Balance’ provides cross firing synth shrills layered and tough techno convolutions to
generate a rising intensity, until ‘Shifting Illusion’ concludes the package with minimalist dubbed-out flavours whilst flush melodies harmonise with continuous pulsations.


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