V/A Second Contact EP – 30DCE-002 – 12″



The time has come. The space has been unfold. A new gathering. A new cosmic rendez-vous, a new SciFi adventure beyond the bounds of our reality. The “Second Contact” has taken place and it has been shaped by 30D Records on “Close Encounters 002”, the last chapter of the series. Get ready for the rhythmic seizure of four cuts designed to blast the most demanding dance floor.

This time, we will found an interplanetary harmonic discourse drawn by Jheal on “Aether”. The modular exquisiteness of Pedro Pina on “KE007” which lets your body float on zero gravity. The straight drum claustrophobia of MSDMNR on “Let You Disappear” turns into an hypnotic path impossible to elude. And finally, the sonic sinuosity of Kastil on “Modal Interplay” that underlies a mesmerizing inertia.

Contemporary Techno developed by contemporary machinery, defined by the imaginative creative resources of four highly skilled artists. Building on this basis, nothing can go wrong. Close Encounter 002 “Second Contact EP” is a powerful tool, a stylish danceable outbreak, that you must have on your DJ bag.

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