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Sturqen – Marginais – Gooiland 38 – 12″



  1. A1 - Nik Sturqen 1:01
  2. A2 - Axifugo Sturqen 1:00
  3. B1 - Absoluto Sturqen 1:01
  4. B2 - Ruina Sturqen 1:00

Limited to 200 copies.

Sturqen is a highly overlooked techno duo from Portugal … they have been releasing their own style of techno since 10 years Has been the style of Sturqen since they started … This new EP showcases their style of dark beats … from EBM orientated to pounding industrial to flirt with …


This is exactly the kind of techno that also goes down well with the EBM and industrial group: analogous, somber, hypnotic. The most important track here is probably “Nik”, a high-pitched song, interspersed with atonal noise and driven forward by a whipping 1987 EBM beat. Especially through this song and also the experimentally broken “Absoluto”, “Marginais” owns the weirdness of old EBM / Industrial records from the early 80s and also the works of the legendary Alien Sex Fiend … Maybe “Nik” became so after their own named by crazy singer; said “Absoluto” certainly reminds more than a little bit of ASF’s old street tunic “Hurricane Fighter Plane” … Either way: The Portuguese Sturqen fit so well as a techno act on that label, that in the past has given us the works of Agent Side Grinder, Sulfur Yellow, and the crazy techno / EBM mystics Newborn Night Music. On vinyl, limited to just 200 copies. Uwe Marx for Sonic Seducer


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