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Sons Of Traders – ‘Deep in The Flowers’ – SOT001 – 12″



A1 – Sons Of Traders – Deep In The Flowers (ORIGINAL BERLIN MIX)
B1 – Sons Of Traders – Deep in The Flowers (Jasen Lovelands Memories of the Future Mix)
B2 – Sons Of Traders – Deep in the Flowers (Chris Mitchell descendant mix)

Available 02.03.2020

SONS OF TRADERS (TANS and Mike Tansella Jr.) are a Berlin based italian industrial duo with releases on several imprints (Vastechoses, Rengaine,
Gravitational Waves, Acero). Here they present their first self-release “DEEP IN THE FLOWERS”.

A1 “DEEP IN THE FLOWERS (Original Berlin mix)” is a massive acidic industrial techno groove machine track. A pulsating bassline over distorted drums that features a palette of modular sounds and percussion.

B1 “DEEP IN THE FLOWERS (Jasen Loveland first future acid version) incorporates a panning synth over a stomping kick drum and gives a more melodic feel to the track.

B2 “DEEP IN THE FLOWERS (Chris Mitchell descendant mix) is a jackin mpc groove with an additional sample and modulated synth added.

300 copies on vinyl fo the Lovers

all Graphics provided by Vikas Malhotra (The Black Lodge) Logo on B side already deigned by JEREMIAS ___BLANK__(Aperitif De la Mort)


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