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Snitch – “The Uncertain Machine” – 12″ – PD002


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  1. PD_002_A1 1:00
  2. PD_002_A2 1:00
  3. PD_002_B1 1:00
  4. PD_002_B2 1:00

Berlin-based Techno-producer SNITCH strides on with the second pneuma-dor release and simultaneously the beginning of the „pneuma-dor ground studies“ series.
»The Uncertain Machine« is a dancefloor-suitable techno record originated from pure analog & energetic hardware live-session.

Two tracks on each side display the EP’s strife between impelling „stompiness“ as you can hear it in »Corax« and fractured, but oppressive beats, which define the record’s title track.

With remixes by techno old-hand BILL YOUNGMAN (track B1) and pneuma-dor co-founder BLACK NAKHUR  (track B2) the inner turmoil progresses into pumping bassdrum sounds consistently crossed by brazen, clanking percussion-elements and spheric ambientscapes.

As the EP title »The Uncertain Machine« insinuates the 4 tracks on the EP are haunted by a melodized uncertainty encircling the machine-made sounds and reminding the audience that every apparatus bears traces of fallible humankind.


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