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Shaded Explorer – “Emerald Weapon EP” – 12″ MDG008



  1. mdg008-emerald 1:00
  2. mdg008-idea-24 1:01
  3. mdg008-jam-shaded-mix 1:02
  4. mdg008-re-edit-abyss 1:00

Midgar is finally reaching the 10th release with MDG008, a rich ensemble of live jams, adapted to the vinyl format by ambient specialist Shaded Explorer. The record opens with the bleeping saucer Emerald Weapon, activating hyperspace mode as the sidereal ambiances take over in the middle of the track. Skyward follows up with thunderous kicks, adding consistency to the groove but keeping focus on windy atmospheres. The slow-builder Shaded Gems reset the pace on the B-side, where the italian artist fully express the solemnity of the machines. Underwood ends the record with natural textures: a sonic representation of Mother Nature waking up the forests using bright pads and perpetual chirping.


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