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Sciahri – Devotion Part 2 – SUBT102 – 12″



  1. SHELTER-1# 1:30
  2. CONTORTION-1# 1:30
  3. LINEAGE-1# 1:30

Limited hand-numbered release.

Second chapter of the trilogy ‘Devotion’, by one of the two owners of Sublunar, Sciahri, consisting of three limited, hand-numbered releases.
Devotion – Part 2 is the continuum of the journey into Sciahri’s dimension. The atmosphere here is as thick as it is unsettling. Leading the way, a dry, chunky aural flow that begins with ‘Shelter’ and then rarefies, taking a more angular yet diffused pattern with ‘Contortion’. The ending ‘Lineage’ then throws us in a mass of fog, a state of uncertainty where only hints of a beat are given.


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