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SCHWEFELGELB – “Wie die Finger durch den Nebel” – F//001



  1. Schwefelgelb-BisZumNaechstenTag( 1:00
  2. Schwefelgelb-BalancierDich 1:00
  3. Schwefelgelb-DaKoennte 1:00
  4. Schwefelgelb-SoHeisserEsWird 1:00
  5. Schwefelgelb-BisZumNaechstenTag 1:00

REPRESS in RED!! 21.01.2019

Schwefelgelb is the electronic music project of Sid & Eddy. Having carefully straddled the boundaries between Techno, EBM and Electro, the duo is entering 2016 with a 12” release on the new label incarnation of the Berlin based Fleisch collective. Fleisch consists of a group of miscreants known for throwing some of the best curated dark underground dance parties in Berlin, with a focus on sounds ranging from E.B.M., new beat, acid to techno. The metamorphosis of Fleisch into a label could not demand a more fitting debut than Schwefelgelb’s newest sonic discharge. Tight programming, catchy analog synth-bass coupled with well utilized & frenetic shouted vocals echo the golden age of Electronic Body Music. A refreshing progression of sounds moves the style forward without being afflicted with the formulaic and hollow tendencies befallen similar attempts by others acts over the years.


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