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Scarpa Grave – NINEVAH – SLK002 – CASSETTE



  1. JUDGEMENT ON MAN Scarpa 1:00
  2. MEGIDDO GIHON Scarpa 1:00
  3. SPIRIT KING Scarpa 1:00
  4. GOLD OF OG Scarpa 1:00
  5. NINEVAH Scarpa 1:00
  6. BROKEN BLOODLINE Scarpa 1:00
  7. JONAH SON OF AMITTAI Scarpa 1:00
  8. MASAN DUR Scarpa 1:00
  9. TARSHISH Scarpa 1:00

Truly limited edition of 60 copies on high-quality C62 tape.

All tracks have been recorded in Boston, USA and mastered by Andrea Merlini, Utrecht. Includes immediate digital download.

Includes unlimited streaming of NINEVAH via the free Bandcamp app


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