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SARIN – Kuleshov Effect EP – BITE03


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  2. A2 SARIN - JIGAR 1:30
  3. B1 SARIN - ADVANTAGE 1:30
  4. B2 SARIN - NUKE ME 1:30

Available: 23.07.2018

Emad Dabiri, born in Iran, began operating under his alias SARIN six years ago with EBM, techno, and audiovisual experiments in Toronto before moving to Berlin in 2014. Kuleshov Effect marks his fifth release and displays an evolution forward in his productions that are exemplified by cutup sample techniques, mechanical basslines, and piercing drum sequences seamlessly blurring the fine line between puristic techno and bona fide electronic body music. 

The EP title refers to a cinematic technique developed in 1920s Russia in which two images with different inherent meanings are played in sequence creating a third definition by the juxtaposition. From this concept is where the audiovisual montage and sampling approach of SARIN is developed. With regular and infamous performances in the Berlin club circuit as well as the rest of Europe, Dabiri expertly implies how his precise methods of production articulate themselves into the Techno Framework with music that is pure and mechanical yet incessantly funky and addictive. Obsessively sampling from films of espionage, tension, conflict, and war, SARIN fuses this imagery with his meticulously curated compositions to force through a new sound.

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