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S S S S – Systematic Suspense – LXRC33 -12″



  1. Systematic Suspence S S S S 1:30
  2. Motion and Meaning S S S S 1:30
  3. The Weight S S S S 1:30
  4. Arson S S S S 1:30
  5. Disembodied S S S S 1:30

Available 07.05.2018

LXRC33 is the second installment of the Unsung and Defeated series. Music comes from S S S S, another local act, based in Lucerne. Five industrial cinematic soundscapes, eerie noises building alarmed state of minds. From most subtle to crushing and pounding. A systematic suspense that transforms itself into a systematic destruction.

Mixed by Robert Grimmer at Phonetia Studio Mastered by Andrea Merlini
Executive Producers Cosmo & Faber Pressed at Record Industry

Released by Lux Rec in May 2018


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