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S.M.O.D. (aka Smilla&Oliver Deutschmann) – A Form of travel unknown to humans – TAKT001 – 12″



  1. Sticks S.M.O.D. 1:30
  2. Cell Culture S.M.O.D. 1:31
  3. Pulse S.M.O.D. 1:30
AVAILABLE : 12.06.2018
press release text:
The EP “A form of travel unknown to humans” is chasing us. Guiding and forcing a way simultaneously. The sound is harsh but has an immaculate precision to it –void of air- compelling the listener toward a light, seducing us to tear through the night.
We enter with „S.M.O.D. – STICKS” a deep and magnetic sound opening up slowly, starting to breathe and to merge into “S.M.O.D. – CELL CULTURE” which gives a much more metallic flavour but never the less beat driven – fast and strident- maybe even hasty, pushing to skip a beat of the heart. To finish off with “S.M.O.D – Pulse” carrying an unsettling almost disturbing quality, formulating a mechanical sound alienated from the human experience. The EP creates a seductive space outside our comfort zone, inviting to explore a space and travel unknown to humans. Gimme more.


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