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Restive Plaggona – Leaving The Body – NTK010 – LP



  1. A1 1:36
  2. A2 1:36
  3. A3 1:36
  4. A4 1:36
  5. B1 1:36
  6. B2 1:36
  7. B3 1:36


Restive Plaggona is the music project of the Corfu-based artist Dimitris Doukas –also producing under Matriarchy Roots, Leftina Osha and Plaggona-. After releasing a series of cassettes in different labels along 2016 and 2017 –including his own Several Minor Promises- “Leaving The Body” arrives as an electronic composition of beats and synthesizer bodies disguised as a sense of provocation and mystery. Each of the seven pieces offers more than a smattering of interesting textures separated by spans of great decline, but a master class of permutations in-between accompanying sounds, stretching rhythms and viscera-and- violence noises. Driven by a deeply expressive narrative, Restive Plaggona makes a strong statement about

his post-industrial vision adding technoid inclinations in a delightful dystopian world.

Photography: E.J. Marey and G. Demeny Edition & Design: Zosima
Release date: July 2017
Tracklist: A1 Beautiful Hands Around Neck A2 Vultures Than Worms

A3 Roses With Thorns For The One I Love A4 Undeserved Sorrow
B1 Leaving The Body
B2 Everything Tastes Like Blood

B3 Pinelli


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