Resonant Coil – Systemic Venom – SUB002 – CASSETTE


Resonant Coil
is the moniker of Nicola Buono. He started his dj career in the 90’s but he later decided to dedicate his interests to live music and production. Cofounder of Retina it togheter with Lino monaco, he has been active since 2000 with several live shows in different festivals ( Sonar, Boom, Neapolis etc) and has released with labels such as Hefty Records, Semantica, Substrato, Glacial Movements, Flatemate,etc. He has also shared many other projects with Lino monaco, The Ne-21 (Domestica Rec.2013 , She Lost Control 2017) R2p (Midgard Rec. 2017 with PRG/M and Ruigh) Brood (Hefty Records 2008 with John Hughes) Resina (Mousikelab 2003 with Marco Messina) Qmen (Design music 1997, Primate Rec. 1998, Conform Rec. 1999 with Rino Cerrone.
DIY lover. He builds up his own acoustic and electronic instruments, such as modular synth, noise box, efx. He prefers a darker sound, floating between Dub, evocative ethnic music, with some noise, industrial.Collaborations :
Störung Festival Ensemble, Celen (student ensemble of music accademy “Cimarosa” Avellino (IT) with whom HD gave birth to a perfomance based on the music of Carlo Gesualdo and Pierre Schaffer. more collaborations : Svreca, Donato Dozzy, Gianluca Becuzzi, Red Sector A, Dadub, Giorgio li Calzi, and more…).

Systemic Venom
A sadistic God: He doesn’t exist until he touches your body, and when he manifests himself he kills you without hesitation, leaving you on the ground, humiliated and stunned by the letal power of a breath that didn’t even seem to exist until you inhaled it.

Weight 300 g


Ambient, Dark Ambient, Industrial, NOISE, Techno



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