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Reeko & Group – Sei tracce in nero Ep. – 12″ 30DEYES-002



Available 3rd February

‘Sei tracce in nero’ is the perfect title to describe the second release of 30D Record’s sub-label Eyes Have It. Produced by Reeko and Group, two renowned artists, with a long trajectory and larger discography, this 6-track EP it’s a record both dark, intriguing, and equally captivating.

The EP is divided into 2 parts, clearly defined but with a common denominator: both Reeko and Group are the perfect example of artists who, even not considered to belong to the dark industrial scene, posses an entrancing ability to craft tracks which sound way more unsettling and contemporary than most of the artists in that scene, not and easy achievement!

On Side A, Reeko brings three cuts based in clanging, minimal and repetitive beats, asphyxiating atmospheres and heavy on distortion. Can’t be beat! Group, on side B, follows his characteristic and recognizable sound, a mix of primal and exotic electronics, mantras and a clear lo-fi discourse. Unique!

‘Reeko & Group – Sei tracce in nero EP’, is without any doubt, an exceptional new release for Eyes Have It!

A1. Reeko: XXX1 (4:10)
A2. Reeko: XXX2 (4:37)
A3. Reeko: XXX3 (3:29)
B1. Group: 161016-1193 (7:52v – 10:15d)
B2. Group: 180801-2286 (3:05)
B3. Group: 180803-2304 (4:37)


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