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Post Scriptum – Until You Drop – SG1779 – 12″



  1. Post Scriptum_Dark As You Like 1:00
  2. Post Scriptum_Dropzone 1:00
  3. Post Scriptum_You Wont Find(Long) 1:00
  4. Post Scriptum_You Wont Find(Short) 1:00


Post Scriptum is the latest artist to join the Sonic Groove Records roster. Previously releasing on Function’s legendary Infrastructure imprint, Post Scriptum changes gears stylistically in a very big way with his latest release entitled Until You Drop. Leaving his previous looped based purist Techno behind, Post Scriptum takes his sound exploration into the much darker cavernous world of Industrial Techno.

Dark As You Like starts off this musical odyssey with a fierce mid tempo, broken beat groove. The rhythm emits the real feel sensation of live played drums with its hard smashing snares and deep booming bass kicks which surely will have you play the air drums! Layered on top of this beast of a rhythm track, Post Scriptum provides the perfect lyricism with a smooth spoken narrative. Very forward thinking sound design curves its way in and out of the dark negative space the rhythm and

vocals provide. Without imitation or sounding even remotely retro this evokes the feel of early Nine Inch Nails and Ministry.

Drop Zone is a highly intense workout with it’s pulsing staccato bassline and crackling filtered out lead line which builds into a growling beast of riff that will completely consume the listener. You Won’t Find Me (Short Mix/Long Mix) takes things further into the post contemporary realm of present day Industrialized Techno with complex, bass heavy drum rhythms, slicing and dicing their way through a darkened acidic atmosphere of time, space and sound.

The joining of Post Scriptum and Sonic Groove Records is the perfect match with this beautifully crafted Techno-Industrial hybrid EP, a banger for the dance floor but also a delicious delicacy for your home turntable or music player. Post Scriptum Until You Drop will be released on July 24, 2017.


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