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NYARLATHOTEP – “Echoes of Agony” – Cassette – nmrscs001


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  1. Snippets-Fabi 05 2:40
  2. Snippets-Fabi 04 2:40
  3. Snippets-Fabi 03 2:40
  4. Snippets-Fabi 02 2:40
  5. Snippets-Fabi 01 2:40
  6. Snippets-Fabi 00 2:40

Nemorous Records is proud to present NYARLATHOTEP´s first official release, Echoes Of Agony, which comprises 60 minutes of blackened techno.

The A Side is mostly ridden by an ice-cold ambience which is slowly evolving into a hardly palpable beat, followed by unsettling analogue drumming and noises on the second track.

The B Side dives deeper into techno territory, bringing together 2 more tracks of dark techno as well as another ambient sketch before the closing track is bringing a tiny ray of light into the abyss.

Edition of 40.



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