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Nur Jaber – Weapons Of Mass Destruction EP – OSF004 – 12″


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  1. A1. Weapons Of Mass Destruction - Nur Jaber _ 1:00
  2. A2. War Pigs - Nur Jaber 1:00
  3. B1. They Want You Dead (War Pigs Edit) - Nur Jaber 1:00

RELEASE DATE: 4th September

OSF is happy and proud to announce a new 12-inch by its founder, Nur Jaber.

The label was conceived by the STAUB resident as her very own creative platform, a place for her to not just release uncompromising music, but also to print poems, letters and in the case of this record; even direct a video. Based in Berlin, the young producer who was born in Beirut remains very attached to her roots. This background partially explains why she can be inspired by tragic events happening regularly in the Middle East – making brave statements in the mostly apolitical electronic music environment.

The past years have seen Nur embrace a career as a music producer, seeing her slowly and steadily become an original new voice in the techno landscape. This EP showcases Nur’s ability to create and combine daunting atmospherics and frantic paces. It is dark and twisted, with its vocals and screams, but always driving. Weapons Of Mass Destruction is meant for banging crazy dance floors, but it is also personal and almost cathartic, especially in the current political situation surrounding all of us.

The artwork, as always, is put together by OSF family members The Beholder and Beauty&Machines.


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