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Nh – Outre – SUBL006 – 12″


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  1. SUBL006_A1 1:30
  2. SUBL006_A2 1:30
  3. SUBL006_A3 1:30
  4. SUBL006_B1 1:30
  5. SUBL006_B2 1:30

Sublunar, the record label founded by Sciahri and Dagdrom closes his 2018 with a brand new EP from the Swiss based artist Nh. After his debut EP “Nihil”, Nh is back on Sublunar with 5 new tracks of psychedelic, sinister and mind-bending techno.

The record starts with ‘Outre’, with his buzzing textures and tense, bleeping melodies while the tick kick drum hammer intensifies his presence. ‘Spirales’ is journey through a deconstructed blackhole, with the impressive and reverberating drums dominated by a sense of disorientation. Last track on the A-side is Vague, where the listener is put into an tight spiral of paranoid thoughts while the energy slowly grows as different tones come and go. The B-side opens with ‘Non’, deep hypnotics are paired with a dense, powerful and pounding kick drum. Portrait closes the EP, a foggy and heavy atmosphere that reach his climax before collapsing into a blissful ambience.


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